Technical Specifications

CinQ Technical Specifications

CinQ is an online 5-person multiplayer video game designed to be played on low-end computers typical of work environments.

It focuses on challenging a team’s leadership and teamwork skills through a series of team-oriented obstacles.

A previous version of CinQ (under the name “The Heist”) designed for conference room settings, was delivered and tested for over 2 years prior to the development and release of the current version of CinQ.

CinQ has an integrated chat system and “voice over IP” in order for players to easily communicate.

CinQ is a Game as a Service distributed by Disruptive Learning Solutions.

CinQ was designed by Disruptive Learning Solutions using the Unity3D game engine.

CinQ includes

  • Online customer support.
  • Game server hosting. (For corporate contracts, DLS can offer tailored hosting solutions)
  • Individual user accounts.
  • Secure user authentication services.

CinQ requires

  • Operating System: Windows 8/10 / Mac OS X.
  • An internet connection (connection speed requirements may vary).
  • A mouse or touch-pad and keyboard.
  • A group 5 players.

Read the full list of CinQ system requirements