Strategic Partnership Announcement

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XPERTEAM & DLS Announce Strategic Partnership

XPERTEAM & DLS are launching the first global solution designed to help organizations develop a high-performance culture and programs for transformation at scale.

CinQ, the first esport simulation designed to test and develop the agility of teams and leaders, is now available within Experience Manager, the brand new field coaching platform.

Organizations combine hands-on training with the development of “power skills” and business skills to address the rising need for a new agile management structures focusing on teamwork and innovation.

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Publish Experience Manager and xLMS® xperteam Learning—a learning organization platform—and have since 1996 provided companies ranging from 100 to 300 000 employees with their solutions.


Publish disruptive learning and business training video games by combining new technologies, understanding of innovation, learning, culture, complex problem solving and hard core gaming.


“ Today, many organizations need a completely different kind of leader: a “digital leader ” who can build teams, keep people connected and engaged, and drive a culture of innovation, risk tolerance, and continuous improvement. ”

Deloitte, 2017

Strategy, Leadership, Decisiveness.

Some things you just can’t learn in a classroom.

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