Welcome to the BETA!

[Image: Cinq logo]

Requires Windows 7/8/10*.

Requires MacOS Mojave or later versions*.

Coming Soon

The Beta version of CinQ is meant for testing and only approved users will be able to connect to it.

CinQ is an online game and requires an internet connection.

We strongly recommend that you use a physical mouse and keyboard to play CinQ.

*We have not tested CinQ on earlier versions and cannot guarantee the game will run as intended.

CinQ Beta 1.4.2 Information


This version is in Beta, and as a result may contain bugs or perform less reliably.

Please consult the list of known bugs for more information.

Technical Information


  1. The game is a live product, which means that it is constantly being improved using user feedback.
  2. You must possess a valid CinQ username and password in order to connect to CinQ and play.
  3. CinQ is designed to test your teamwork and communication skills, it is strongly recommended that you use a headset and microphone to communicate with your teammates via voice over IP.
  4. The CinQ minimum system requirements are available here.
  5. For detailed instructions of how to install and launch CinQ, click here.
  6. By downloading a version of CinQ, you agree to the CinQ End User License Agreement.