Companies We Worked With In Product Testing & Development


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The history of Disruptive Learning Solutions starts with Computer Science Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, Philips Design and Health Care, designing educational solutions using video game and online technologies to make a business impact.

The development of CinQ comes at the tail-end of 6 years of research and development with clients. Formerly known as The Heist, it was tested and evaluated by a range of companies. We experimented with using high-end computers and mobile and Oculus virtual reality in a workshop/classroom environment. Taking on-board our clients’ feedback, CinQ is now designed with their needs in mind: it can be played on almost all computers and is accessible locally and globally; it is a fully scalable educational solution.

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We did more in one day than we would have in 3 weeks.

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Impactful and effective.

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Highly professional… and in one word impressive.

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