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Leadership, Teamwork & Coaching Video Game

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Designed as a testing ground for leaders and teams, CinQ is a challenging, deeply collaborative, exciting 5‑person tactical infiltration video game, with a built in coaching module.


Giving you the flexibility to both choose the scale of the roll‑out from, 5 to 1 000s, and the time and place, 24×7; CinQ is designed to run on most computers and with dynamically changing content it is “like ten games in one”.


You will work with top coaches to unlock the competence, capacity and tenacity to make decisions that impact your real‑world business challenges.

The impact of poor teamwork on your bottom line

Losing the Match

When a sports team loses in a match the failure can probably be traced back to a lack of a game plan (and or failure to adapt the plan to changing circumstances), bad collaboration, poor communication and an inability to execute between the players. Equally in business recognition is being given to the role negative collaboration and teamwork plays in the failure to deliver key projects, new strategies and achieve business targets.

To train, or not to train

There is one major difference between business teams and sports teams. Sports teams trains regularly to develop high performance. They work hard to create and embed a culture of performance across not only the players but all of the coaches, analysts and specialists are aligned with this endeavor. They will do a post-match review and analysis and implement changes. A business team does not! A once-a-year off-site training session will have absolutely no effect on performance. A high-performance team is in truth a rarity.

Ignoring the Hole in your Boat

The cost of not doing anything now is the equivalent of sailing a boat with a hole in the bottom of it. The harsh economic reality of Ignoring this leak will have negative consequences for employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business results.


Is the cost for the US economy every year in millennial turnover due to poor engagement*.

*source Gallup

OVER 70%

of millennials chose culture before career potential*.

That’s over 60 MILLION employees.

*source symorg 2016.

CinQFIVE – Elite Team Academy

“The global trend toward team-based organizations is growing for a reason: It is a more effective model for operating in the dynamic, unpredictable business environment typically seen today.”

Reimagine the impact of elite teamwork on your bottom line

Advanced Teamwork Coaching

In the same way that It has been a long time since sports coaches required only a tracksuit and a stopwatch, CinQFive executive coaches use performance-enhancing esport video game scenarios to revolutionize teamwork training and early adopters can secure a vital competitive edge. Elite Teamwork Academy performance coaching has transformed from the traditional, prescriptive style of coaching, where feedback is given by the expert coach and unconditionally followed by the learner and is now recognized as out-of-date with modern ways of learning.

Empower your Teams

The role of a CinQFive coach is to empower their team to uncover and discover solutions themselves. The use of CinQ esport and our team of performance coaches in this learning process is very effective and efficient in getting teams to collaborate and work together to overcome the challenges of the scenario.

Co-Create Performance

Instead of a third party or coach studying their teams performance by themselves and presenting their findings in team meetings, CinQ esport enable the players to reflect on performance individually and collaboratively, and strategize together as a team with the coach guiding them in-game on a collaborative learning path—all on a digital platform.

Transform your Future

Regular coaching and weekly CinQ esport training sets the foundation to build and foster a performance culture in your teams and organizations that can literally transform your future and deliver high levels of employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business results.

Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by


in earnings per share*.

*source Gallup

Engaged employees are


more likely to be A performers than C performers*.

*source McLean & Company


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The CinQ scenario is designed to enable teams to improve their capacity, to explore alternatives, cooperate, share information and make decisions, autonomously. CinQ has a coaching module to help teams assess and improve their performance and an achievement system to motivate and reward success.

CinQ gives coaches access to all the player’s screens and text/audio chat throughout the game, including when they complete the built-in coaching module.

3 High-performance Programs

“Organizational performance: It’s a team sport”

The Elite Teamwork Academy features 3 high-performance online active learning programs that target the most important power skills required to deliver results. Learners go through programs in teams of 5 scaling from 25 participants to 300+ colleagues, working with top coaches, collaborating together to tackle the CinQ esport training challenges and using a power skills matrix to measure and improve performance.

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Learn how CinQFive can impact your business.

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Transform your teams with our expert coaches.

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Co-create a culture of performance at scale.

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As teams around the world struggle to adopt remote platforms, they will need to focus on the power skills and collaboration skills necessary to work as a high-performance team. Teams will be looking for direction and support from HR.

This Program is here to help you discover the potential of CinQFive Elite Teamwork Programs.

It is designed to help you and your organization understand how elite teamwork programs can impact your business performance and also help improve the way you and your organization work remotely.






5 = 1 TEAM

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    Develop your teams to reframe performance around a growth mindset, new habits, power skills and standards. Your teams will train regularly to acquire a proven set of tools, skills, techniques and principles which can literally transform teamwork, leadership, engagement, performance and results.

    This is not a one size fits all process. The program length and performance targets will be customized and designed around your ambition and your team’s needs.

    We will use the Skills matrix to set the direction and measure the business impact. Your team will be trained in a powerful suite of approaches in a highly supportive training environment with our expert coaches.


    2+ HOURS




    25+ = 5 TEAMS

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      Includes all of the features of Trailblazer plus a train the trainer program to develop and train teams at scale. We work with you to identify and select and train a group of top people who will act as internal champions and coaches.

      We will build a train the trainer implementation program to create and engage a culture of performance. Champions will follow an intensive program that will certify them as CinQFive Coaches.

      We will use the Skills matrix to set the direction and measure the business impact. Your team will be trained in a powerful suite of approaches in a highly supportive training environment with our expert coaches.



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        Could you imagine being in the late 20th century and you’ve never used a computer?

        Now imagine you are in the 21st century and have never played a video game. 😆

        Video Games are larger than the film industry.

        Video games are driving innovation across esports, entertainment, healthcare, aviation, education, military, VR, AR and a whole host of other areas.

        Creating a Culture of High-Performance

        Elite Teamwork Program Workflow

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        Why choose CinQFive 5+5

        CinQFive is a joint venture between QFive95, a premier league international executive coaching company, and DLS, an advanced learning technologies video game publisher, creator of CinQ esport.

        CinQFIVE – Elite Team Academy

        CinQFive is a natural fit between Qive95 who bring to the table 11+ years with an international client list and top executive coaches and a unique refreshingly honest, hands-on, practical approach coupled with an innovative use of new technologies like VR to foster change and DLS who bring after 8 years of testing and development CinQ esport, a video game designed for leadership and high performance teamwork and coaching and the Power Skills Matrix a unique a tool that helps teams guide their progress and target key development areas.

        CinQFive is ideally positioned to help teams break the status quo and create a culture of performance

        Who We Have Worked With

        [Companies we have worked with]

        CinQFive “Leader as Coach” Training Program

        Training coaches to develop leaders, and leaders to develop their people

        The days of classic top-down leadership are over. Those in leadership positions in the digital age act as coaches and initiators and create the direction, alignment and commitment to successfully lead companies and organizations into the future.

        Our “Coaching for Leadership” program gives coaches the skills and training hours to become an accredited coach, and leaders the methodologies and tools to realize the organization’s full potential. It is accredited both by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

        And you can achieve your development goals without costly climate-damaging travel and loss of time—thanks to the unique combination of Esports, Social Learning Platforms, Learning Partnerships and Video Conferences.


        “ Today, many organizations need a completely different kind of leader: a “digital leader ” who can build teams, keep people connected and engaged, and drive a culture of innovation, risk tolerance, and continuous improvement. ”

        Deloitte, 2017

        Strategy, Leadership, Decisiveness.

        Some things you just can’t learn in a classroom.

        CinQFIVE – Elite Team Academy