CinQ Strategic Teams Academy

Whatever got you to Point A
Will no longer get you to Point B

Whatever got you to Point A

Will no longer get you to Point B

CinQ Coaching Academy

Accelerate your learning with our CinQ teamwork coaches & next-gen programs


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    “Playing video games in the workplace can increase productivity. A study by BYU showed a 20% percent productivity increase can occur by playing video games with your work teams for only 45 minutes.”

    Keith, M. J., Anderson, G., Gaskin, J., & Dean, D. for Brigham Young University, 2019

    Developing Team Mindset

    Leverage soft skills to create competitive advantage

    Choose 1 of 4 programs and work with CinQ certified coaches to grow leadership, teamwork and collaboration skills and impact your business now.

    Developing Team Mindset

    01 Custom Program

    Management teams
    Cross functional
    Multicultural development


    Training Program

    02 Train the Trainer

    CinQ Coach Certification
    Pedagogical documentation

    Training Program

    03 Continuous Learning

    Self-directed learning
    Collaborative learning
    CinQ includes a 360° feedback module


    Esports Cup

    04 Corporate Esports

    Community engagement

    Esports Cup

    CinQ is designed around 4 key power skills, a coaching toolset and includes a built-in 360° scorecard to help the team players identify their skills gap.


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    Teams are the building blocks of successful organizations.

    When they don’t work they are costly. When they work well they make magic. The key ingredients that make teams work are leadership, communication, collaboration. That’s soft skills.

    The objective of working with CinQ Coaches is to help players move from their comfort zone to their learning zone and apply newly acquired skills to their business environment.

    CinQ is Built Around Collaborative Teamwork

    This is where teams embrace a process of problem solving and solution creation; this involves planning, strategy, communication, execution, feedback and testing.

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